We love to train! And not only to improve our physique, but also to have fun, enjoy every minute and disconnect from our daily routine. Good Vibes is part of us. Because training is NOT an obligation, but to share good times.

For a healthier and more athletic society
We try to transmit through our products that a healthy life with a touch of good vibes is possible. We move away from individualism and bad vibes. Let's try to build a more sporty and understanding society.
We're foodies
Always in control. Remember, we love food but we try to live a healthy lifestyle. Mind you, every now and then we love to indulge in a "caprice" 😜 Avocados, peanut butter, donuts, pizzas...our obsession with food never stops...can you resist the temptation to wear them and not be hungry?
We're cyclists, we're runners, we're crossfitters, we're calisthenics, we're fitness...

And we could go on for hours... Because we love sports. It's as simple as that. We love sports.
Do you feel identified? We would be very excited if you could try us out. Don't wait any longer and join the #goodvibes

We work with local suppliers, with the aim of doing our bit to reduce pollution, the welfare of the planet and support local businesses. Always ensuring quality control and that all products are manufactured in the best conditions. The KM0 revolution is here to stay.